Thursday, January 29, 2009

There is never a dull moment!!!

Well, our life seems to be always in a bit of a talespin in one way or another, and just when you think it might start slowing down a bit, sure enough it doesn't. We are "settled" in at Doug's parents home, who have graciously allowed us to invade their space for a while until we figure out for sure what God wants us to do next. We had an exciting Christmas, especially for the children, as they got to be here with Grandparents, and it was exciting for us to see the thrill on their faces. Levi was very interested in his own fun toys, but especially in helping everyone else find out what they had. Baby Grace, on the other hand, didn't seem nearly as interested in the toys as she was in all the wrapping paper, and thought it was quite tasty too. Our children are daily a joy, to watch grow and change; we are always exhausted it seems, especially me, but I would never trade these special moments for anything.

Right before Christmas, I had a fender-bender in our van, and it totaled it, so needless to say, we are on the hunt now for another van. God has greatly blessed us in the past with good used vehicles, so I don't know why I get fretful about having to get another one, but it always takes us a while to find a good one, and usually several excursions to look at more. We have had a lot of success with finding good vehicles in the Auto Trader, so hopefully soon we will find another one. Doug's parents have been very gracious to let us borrow their extra corolla while we are looking, which has been wonderful, especially when you have to have a certain amount of room for carseats.

The sell of our house went very well, thankfully, and we were praising the Lord. The economy has gotten so bad for selling houses that we were getting a little fearful of being able to sell it at all. The couple that bought it, are in a perfect location, as the husband is the pastor of a small Baptist Church right at the end of the street. The only thing we have laughingly noticed since the selling of it to them, was their very "interesting" choices of exterior paint. All I could say was, "I sure hope they liked the way it turned out." Doug said that he thought it looked like "...some Mexicans had moved in." Anyway, regardless of their color choices, we are so thankful to be relieved of a big burden off our shoulders, and we told them that we hope they really enjoy their time in the house.

Well, I should probably try to get something else done before getting in bed, but I hope I will be able to write in a little more often now that we are kind of settled. Hope you are all doing well, and are enjoying each and every special moment with one another.