Saturday, November 15, 2008

We have MICE !!!!

Well, it's a chilly, cloudy November afternoon, and I was sitting here at the computer, enjoying a bit of quiet in the house, when a little chuk,chuk, noise could be heard rather loudly from the attic. We started to see evidence of our little visitors at the first of the week, but for the last two nights we have unsuccessfully lost them from being nabbed in our traps, because the sneaky little rascals are getting away with the bait. How they do it I sure don't know, but I think we are going to have to change tactics a little, or they will continue to get free snacks. Anyone with more mousey advice would be helpful!!! Hope everyone is doing well this week, enjoying the beautiful fall colors, and hopefully seeking to be more of a blessing to our families than ever before. I realize more and more how precious are the days we have with our families, especailly watching our children grow and mature, and the little buds of fruit invested starting to make the tiniest of an appearance. Sometimes the days seem rather monotonous or even "boring", but I am trying hard to see these days through the eyes of Christ, and to love my children without expecting a certain response. Our children are such a treasure, and the responsibility of raising them for the Lord can be hard, but it sure is more of a blessing than anything I can imagine doing with the life God has given me. Hope you all have a very blessed and joyous week.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Here is the very first installment

Dear Friends and Family,
This is our first attempt at really blogging, so just wanted to say that I hope this will be a more exciting way for you all to keep up with the daily lessons that God is taking us through, and all the joyful moments that we share as a family. Please be patient as we work out all the kinks, and get familiar with this whole blogging "thing". We hope you are all doing good and looking forward to the excitement of celebrating the holidays with loved ones and dear friends. Let's just remember to keep The Lord as the center of all our festivities, and show our children how much He really means to us.